Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Players and Stake Holders

Link to video
This video points the camera on the players of landmines. What I mean is it showcases who it effect by landmines. It does this in an uplifting way by show the removal of landmines. One of the main  people affected by  landmines are the farmer and in place of poverty farmland is crucial to meeting their basic need. There are many other people involved the soldiers, military, civilians, organizations such as the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the  farmer: yes they are civilians too but are affected in different ways. Although all these have different values and interest they express the same point of view in current media. The public aware of landmines can see the obvious reason why they should no longer exist, and because that opinion is so strong is is hard to find an opposition. It is also hard to find an opposition for the reason the civilians, military and farmers alike have all lost someone because of landmines. But there are dated oppositions and the opinion show go a lot like this: Trying to outlaw mines are like trying to outlaw wars it self. As well as an argument from a person in the military that I referenced in my first post that there are "smart mines" and "dumb mines". Smart mines prove to bed strategic in war to seriously injure but not kill a enemy soldier, landmines also protect boundaries from being passed. He also recognizes that unmarked "dumb mines" should be ban for many reasons leading to civilian causalities. Both opinions show that landmines are dangerous and that unmarked useless mine should not be allowed.                

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