Tuesday, 22 May 2012


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The main reasons for landmines are war and poverty. As you can see from the chart above Chad has the most amount of people under the poverty line. The map above show that Chad is also highly affected by landmines. Coincidence? I think not! War is where the landmines come from and poverty comes into play when talking about the people who get injured from landmines. Fifty-six percent of injuries occur when people are trying to earn a living; farming, carrying water, collecting wood, collecting forest products, and so on. In places like Cambodia where there is a lot of poverty and there is not enough land for everyone people then are willing to take risks by going  into place that might be a mine field, or that are considered dangerous. Therefore in analyzing landmines it is important to consider that a high number of civilian causalities would coincide with a high poverty rate.  There are many reasons landmines are harmful, while they're meant to be harmful, civilian causalities are mainly due to placement. 

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